Want to know more about me?

I'm a serial entrepreneur, dedicated to help businesses find their purpose, impact their industry and shift the World. I love working with people and businesses to re-align themselves to who they really are.

I will be forever optimistic about the power of people and business to impact society for the good. If you're interested in my journey, read more on my About Me page.


Do you want to watch the LB Channel?

The LB Channel is designed to be inspirational, informative and (hopefully) enjoyable. We have podcasts, talks and seminars. There is a ton of content from our recent Unite on Purpose Summit and industry interviews featured in the series LB Presents.

There is (literally) something there for everybody and every business.

For some amazing stories checkout LB Presents where I talk to international entrepreneurs about their journey and how they have United on Purpose to Shift the World.

They are fascinating, informative and inspiring. Watch all of the stories on LB Channel.


Join me in the Quiet Revolution

What if we could come together to shift industries and recognise that institutions alone will not lead the change in society and the World at large.

What is a quiet revolution - a movement of people joined together as a collective to create the biggest quiet party the World had ever seen.

A movement committed to build brands, shift industries and make a positive change in the World. The World has shifted into a new era through the eyes of brands. Revolutions are led by the people and not by the Institutions.

The Quiet Revolution. Please read more on One Earth.


Business leaders, innovators and celebrities have been inspired resulting in their business and personal lives changed for the good. Here are some words from a selection of Linzi’s fans.


Don't take my word for it, meet some of my friends on One Earth

Before and since founding One Earth I have had the privilege to meet and work with tens of thousands of people. One Earth, my on-line education and trading platform, will allow me to reach even more individuals and businesses around the World and help them create Purpose to positively impact society.

One Earth members will have access to on-line learning, they will be able to connect with fellow almuni, communicate and create business relationships and build the New Trading Economy.

Intriguing, right? Find out more at One Earth.

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