I stood in the kitchen with my mum. I was failing at school. I said to her I want to leave (I was aged 11!). My mum looked at me and asked “what are you going to do with your life?”. “Don’t worry mum” I replied “I am going to be as big as Oprah Winfrey!”.

I remember seeing something in Oprah at that young age that informed my drive and determination. This inspirational moment led me to where I am today where I go in the future.

I left school at 15 with no qualifications and started my first business at 18 (a clothes shop in Leeds). I travelled on buying trips to Paris and Milan where people thought I was the work experience girl and not the owner! By 24 I had co-built and sold my second business, a global footwear brand called Stride. It was sold in 7 countries around the World and featured in London’s Design Museum as a design classic. We sold the company to the Caterpillar Group.

My teachers used to say “Linzi would do a lot better if she stopped talking”. On one level people could say that the education system let me down but it was the one experience that drove me through my whole of my life.

My teachers used to say “Linzi would do a lot better if she stopped talking”.

When my friends were on their journey to University I set up my third business, The Surgery Group, and spent 17 years building, renovating and refreshing some of the most famous brands, people and celebrities.

An amazing business but, one day, I looked at my life and I was bored, fed up. I had lost sight of the girl in the kitchen. Where was the girl who wanted to shift the World.

So, I walked away from my company of 17 years. Lost. Not knowing what to do, yet knowing I could NOT build any more businesses that were focused purely on commercial gain.

I set up my 4th business. This time, not a traditional business venture but a purpose driven movement inspiring global unity.

Enter One Earth - the first real purpose led platform connecting enterprise to trade.

The Earth connects people with each other to unite. They can learn together, grow and trade with each other to impact change. Businesses and individuals from around the World will unite on purpose.

Connecting one Earth with 1 billion purposes.

One Earth is a campaigning platform for good.

On November 25th 2020 One Earth's inaugural Unite on Purpose Summit was opened by Lila Karbassi from the United Nations. This was the launch of a 5 year summit series. Every November One Earth will bring World, business, societal and industry leaders together to unite the World on purpose.

We are committed to kickstart the global economy, leading with purpose.

I believe that traditional institutions are never going to make the change the Earth needs. Change will come from people. There is an unstoppable movement away from traditional authority to the individual collectivising under the banner of purpose - the new trading currency.

I am providing an alternative narrative with the support of business leaders, change makers, industry, societal and World leaders. We are here to define a new way of being, for a brand new World.

This is the reason why I am on this planet. That 11 year old girl grew up and, thank goodness, she learnt all she needed to know from the famous school of Life. She began sharing her experiences with business owners, CEO’s, change makers and Impactors. She educates people to re-remember and recognise who they are and why they are on this planet. Imagine this community living and building their business around a personal purpose and impacting change in the World.

Imagine 1 Earth 1 Billion purposes, connected together, creating a platform for good so EVERYONE can be seen and heard.

A brand new Earth, which connects a global community to trade in a new way, where purpose is the new currency.

I believe that spiritually you have chosen what you want for your life – you can make something mean something. What if you can reference a moment in your life and realise that it was the making of you. If I had tried to fit in I know I would never have achieved what I would have done in life – I led MY own life.

During my career, I have met many people that have inspired me along the way; a young 16 year old girl who has given 650 thousand school uniforms to children in developing countries, a doctor who is changing the way the medical World thinks, an global Impactor who is committed to find the cure for cancer in dogs.

Now is the time to teach people that education in traditional form is NOT the only route to success. People can come from any background and become known for something that they care about and impact change.

I am here to deliver a platform for good to let everyone be seen and heard. I want to move people from business leaders to World leaders and shift the World to a new era.

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Dylan Jones, Editor in Chief, GQ

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