How To Get into the Mindset to Create a Famous Brand

When you began working with your brand, did it ever occur to you that your brand could one day become famous?
Perhaps BRAND fame is something that you have always dreamed of, but like many, you don’t have the first clue how to achieve it.
Your brand recognition could be just round the corner, you can sense it, smell it, sometimes almost touch it, and yet you always find yourself a few steps removed from it being in your grasp. You fall too many times at the first, second, third hurdle and then do you feel like giving up!
What if I could provide you with 4 ways to add in the essential ingredient that I find needed when create a famous brand?

1. Be your brand, live your brand, own your brand, enjoy your brand

Imagine that the only thing ever really holds you back is you; driving it, promoting it, living and breathing it, making it and when necessary even faking it whilst always dressing it up for success.
Ensure you have a powerful mindset and know what you have set out to achieve.
Have you ever thought that in order to achieve your end goal you have to know what your end goal is – Did you start on this journey and never lose sight of what your end goal/ vision looks like. If you know that then you can enjoy the journey along the way no matter how many wrong turns you make. The highs and the lows will always keep coming in – what never leaves is the determination and the vision to arrive at your true destiny.
Own your space and take your rightful place in your market. Learn to understand that underneath everything you do lies the words that you are saying and how you deliver these to the outside world is as important as the product / service you are selling.
Learning the steps along the way that are required to get your brand smoothly through the different stages – If you lay sold foundations through each one you will build a strong sturdy house – If you rush the steps then you might need to go back and start some rooms again.There is no time scale set only your patience; you can go as fast or as slow as is required.

2. A small business with big thinking speeds up growth

Think about the possibility that there are many smaller brands that are in business today being able to incorporate quick decision making into their business to embrace and drive opportunities, integrate big vision creative thinking to accelerate and maximize growth of their multi channel strategies which in turn enables them to take big strides forwards and speed up the rate of their growth within their market sector not only in the UK but also on a global scale.
This is a stark contrast to the slow moving mindset of a big corporation that was once able to sit back and enjoy the position as market leader yet could now be getting held back by their lengthy decision making processes whilst at same time are perhaps not yet thinking strategically about the way that a brand is able to revolutionize its product vision plan to integrate it with the brand DNA and communicate the multiple messages the brand has to offer through different platforms available in a joined up yet strategic way.
It is my belief that it is not only one channel to market that breeds success, but a collective of multiple platforms of engagement all working in sync with an over arching strategic plan, setting clear objective and quantifiable result to ensure the desired return on investment a business is looking for from both growth and awareness in many a crowded market.
To have these platforms working in sync, rather than on their own will enables any business to speak to its target audience multiple times and keep then staying loyal and intrigued whilst connected and driven to spread the word.

3. The world just got smaller and your brand just got bigger

With the daily expansion of the digital era and the entrepreneurial evolution, more and more people are opting to own their business rather than build someone else’s.
The world has become a global playground where it has never been as easy for a small business to play big and a big business to play bigger.
To be recognized on a global scale is not only possible but also achievable. It is now not just the size of your business that delivers global impact with big marketing spends, but a determination and commitment from any size business to engage their brand / products or services to be seen and heard by their internationally sort after yet attainable audience.
It is not only possible but also necessary to create multiple conversations through different channels of communication and engage your ‘audience’ with fresh new and specific content that can be liked and shared not only by them but also by their friends.
It does not take long for your brand to go viral it simply takes commitment!

4. Influenced by the minds of your peers

We have created a world where a celebrity, entrepreneurial leaders and opinion formers can literally change the way that the end consumer / business you are selling to interact with your business / brand.
Engagement has become seamless with the help of these elite groups of people influencing and driving choice to one brand over another. A mind set is easier to shape and re sell to once you have their full focus and attention on the product / service you are selling. Who better to engage than the people that they look up to and admire.


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